Playing addons and mods on EDuke3D is very simple, all you need is a .xml shortcut and the addon files.

Playing the official Addons

For this section I will assume you are using the Megaton Edition.

  1. Copy the addons folder from your Megaton Edition installation to your 3DS ( /3ds/EDuke3D <- addons )
  2. Create a .xml file to launch the addon you want, for this example I will call this file vacation.xml and it will launch vacation.grp
  3. Place the following content into the file create on the last step, tweaking it to your needs:
	<name>Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach</name>
	<arg>-g addons/vacation.grp</arg>
  1. Place that file on your /3ds folder, don’t place inside your EDuke3D folder ( /3ds <- vacation.xml )

Next time you open up the Homebrew Launcher there should be a new entry for the addon, launch it and have fun!